Sennheiser E908B

Gooseneck mic for brass / woodwind (for cabled use)

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Sennheiser e908B is a cardioid condenser microphone with gooseneck, perfect for clipping onto the bell of a sax or trumpet.

It’s described by Sennheiser as “Solid, focused and precisely positionable”

Not a bad summary, but let’s dig a little deeper. Sennheiser e908 has a cardioid pickup pattern and has a big frequency response (40 Hz – 20kHz) with quite a ‘lift’ at the upper end of the spectrum, to help with a ‘presence’ to the sound.

Part of the charm of e908 is its simplicity. The 12cm gooseneck is easily manoeuvrable, and in conjunction with the simple bell-clip, makes for a great combination to ensure the e908b condenser capsule gets positioned right in the sweet spot of the sax, or brass instrument regardless of how loud your stage is.

There is a short snippet of sax played through e908 on the video below. A longer sample would have been desirable….if only we had access to a trumpet or sax player in our shop. Stay tuned for an updated video 😉

Note: this e908B is designed to work with an XLR cable, via the included MZA900P phantom power adapter. If you prefer to plug into a Sennheiser bodypack transmitter, for wireless applications, choose the e908B-EW.

Of course, if you’re not browsing (you already own this magnificent e908B), then simply unscrew the MZA900P preamp, and you’ve got yourself a ready-made E908B-EW, the best of both worlds.

In the Box:

  • e 908 microphone
  • microphone clamp (clip-onto-bell style)
  • MZA 900 P in-line-pramp
  • Pouch
  • User Manual

e908B features:

  • Condenser microphone
  • High-end sound and precise definition
  • Simple mounting thanks to practical clips
  • Precise orientation with gooseneck microphone boom
  • Protection against impact and handling noise
  • Intelligent MZA 900 P phantom powering adapter
  • Can be operated with an evolution wireless instrument transmitter