Beyerdynamic EDT100P

Replacement ear pads PLUSH for DT108 / DT109 (pair)

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Beyerdynamic 945576 is a PAIR of ‘plush’ replacement earpads to suit DT108 or DT109 headsets, or DT100 / DT102 studio headphones.

This genuine Beyerdynamic spare part is not what you’d find ‘in the box’ with a brand new DT109 headset. This is the ‘alternate’ option.

If you’d prefer the ‘original issue’ softskin variety pair of earpads, follow here (EDT 100S)

Beyer EDT100P (part number 945576) is a PAIR, and includes the inner foam pads, as pictured.

Because the show must go on, Factory Sound keeps spare parts for Beyer DT108 and DT109 headsets on hand.

Check here for a current list of Beyerdynamic Spares to suit these headsets