Beyerdynamic EDT770V

Replacement Eapads (pair) for DT770PRO

Order Code: 926660
Our Price: $40.00

Beyerdynamic EDT770V is a replacement pair of ear cushions to suit DT770PRO headphones.

After long, sweaty sessions in the studio sometimes your favourite pair of headphones get a little on the manky side.

Try these replacement ear cushions pair, velour.

Suits: DT770PRO

Same size, different stuff:
Although the earpads for DT770PRO and DT990PRO are exactly the same size, the material inside the velour cover of this EDT770V is a little more dense than what you'll find in the EDT990V.

In keeping with the 'closed' properties of DT770PRO, it's better to go for the correct replacement earpads.

Photo of Beyerdynamic EDT770V available from Factory Sound

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