Beyerdynamic EDT770V

Replacement Eapads (pair) for DT770PRO

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Beyerdynamic EDT770V is a replacement pair of ear cushions to suit DT770PRO headphones.

After long, sweaty sessions in the studio sometimes your favourite pair of headphones get a little on the manky side.

Try these replacement ear cushions pair, velour.

Suits: DT770PRO

Same size, different stuff:
Although the earpads for DT770PRO and DT990PRO are exactly the same size, the material inside the velour cover of this EDT770V is a little more dense than what you’ll find in the EDT990V.

In keeping with the ‘closed’ properties of DT770PRO, it’s better to go for the correct replacement earpads.

Factory Sound keeps a range of genuine Beyerdynamic spares to suit studio headphones and theatre headsets.

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