HK Audio

HK Audio EL-EA600

600w amp module for ELEMENTS speaker system

Order Code: EL-EA600
Our Price: $999.00

Housed in an enclosure that shares the same design as the mid/ high unit, the EA600 amp module delivers 600 watts at 4 ohms. It can drive up to two passive E110SUB subwoofers or one passive subwoofer with up to two E435 mid/ high units or one column with up to four mid/ high units. The power amp module is ventilated from the front. A rotary selector lets you choose a special EQ setting to match the number of connected E435s and optimise the frequency response for a column of that height.

To ensure your EA600 amp module looks great for a long working life, make sure it's protected: check out softbag padded transit and storage bag.

Photo of HK Audio EL-EA600 available from Factory Sound


  • Class-D power amp with 600 watts output
  • Drives up to four mid/ high units, up to two subwoofers, or one passive subwoofer with two mid/ high units
  • Four EQ filter settings (variable to match the number of mid/ high units in one column
  • E-Connect bus
  • Exceedingly light weight (2.75 kg)