HK Audio

HK Audio EL-EF45

Base for ELEMENTS speaker system

Order Code: EL-EF45
Our Price: $279.00

The EF45 ELEMENTS base accommodates the EP1 pole, the EA600 power amp module, or the E435 mid/ high unit. NL4 ports on both sides serve to patch the audio signal in and route it through to further speakers. If you place an amp on its feet, you can connect another passive subwoofer to its Speaker Out port.

The NL4 ports on the side panels also let you use a speaker cord to connect mid/ high units mounted on further poles.

Photo of HK Audio EL-EF45 available from Factory Sound


  • Stable system base (7.7 kg) with a small footprint
  • Integrated E-Connect bus
  • Two parallel NL4 ports