Yamaha EMX5016CF

16-channel stereo powered mixer

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12x mic inputs; 4x stereo inputs. Stereo output; 3x aux sends. SPX effects; 2x 9-band digital GEQ. 2x 500W @ 4 ohms.

Mixing capabilityMixing channels8 Mono + 4 Stereo +2 Return
AUX4 (incl. 2x Effect Send)
Input channel functionsCH1-8: HPF, Compressor, 3-band mid-sweep PEQ Insert I/O; CH9-16: HPF, 3 band PEQ
On-board processors2x SPX, 2x Digital 9-band GEQ, Feedback suppressor, Frequency response correction, Maximizer, YSProcessing
I/OMic inputs12
Phantom power+48V DC; ON/OFF
Line inputs4x Stereo
Control and others2x Foot switch, Lamp
On-board amplifiersMaximum output power @4ohms500W/ch
Maximum output power @8ohms370W/ch (100V model), 350W/ch (120V model), 320W/ch (220-240V model)
Output selection500W, 200W, 75W; L/R, AUX1/MONO, AUX1/AUX2
General specifications
Total harmonic distortionLess than 0.3%
Frequency response0, +0, -3dB 20Hz-20kHz
Hum & noise levelEquivalent input noise-128dBu
Residual output noise-68dBu (Speaker out); -95dBu (Line out)
Protection circuitLoad protectionPower switch on/off mute, DC-fault (power supply shutdown/manual reset), Clip limiter (?THD 1%; compression)
Amplifier protectionThermal (heatsink temp ?90 degrees celsius; output mute/auto reset), Vl limiter (RL ?2ohms)
Power supply protectionThermal (heatsink temp ?100 degrees celcius; power supply shutdown/manual reset)
Cooling2x Variable-speed fan
Power requirementsDepend on area of purchase; AC100V, 120V or 220-240V; 50/60Hz
Power consumption500W
DimensionsW444mm; 17-1/2in
H155mm; 6-1/8in
D493mm; 19-7/16 (12U)
Net weight11kg; 24.3lbs

Owner’s Manual, AC power cord


Input Characteristics        
Input Terminal
PADGAINActual Load ImpedanceFor Use with NominalInput LevelConnector
SensitivityNominalMax. before clip
CH INPUT A 1-80dB-60dB3kohms50-600 ohm Mics-80dBu-60dBu-40dBuXLR-3-31 type *
CH INPUT B 1-80dB-60dB10kohms600ohm Lines-80dBu-60dBu-40dBuTRS phone jack
ST CH MIC INPUT-60dB3kohms50-600 ohm Mics-80dBu-60dBu-40dBuXLR-3-31 typek
ST CH LINE INPUT-34dB10kohms600ohm Lines-54dBu-34dBu-14dBuPhone jack,
9/10-15/16+10dB-10dBu+10dBu+30dBuRCA pin jack
CH INSERT IN (1-8)10kohms600ohm Lines-20dBu0dBu+20dBuPhone jack
* 0dBu= 0.775Vrms        
Output Characteristics        
Output Terminal
Actual Source ImpedanceFor Use with NominalOutput LevelConnector   
NominalMax. before clip   
ST OUT [L,R]150ohms600ohm Lines+4dBu+20dBuTRS phone jack   
ST SUB OUT [L,R]150ohms600ohm Lines+4dBu+20dBuTRS phone jack   
AUX SEND 1,2150ohms600ohm Lines+4dBu+20dBuTRS phone jack   
EFFECT SEND 1,2150ohms600ohm Lines+4dBu+20dBuTRS phone jack   
CH INSERT OUT 1-8600ohms10kohm Lines0dBu+20dBuTRS phone jack   
REC OUT [L,R]600ohms10kohm Lines-10dBV+10dBVRCA pin jack   
PHONES [L,R]100ohms40ohm Lines3mW75mWST phone jack   
SPEAKERS0.1ohms4ohm Speakers125W500WspeakON   
Phone jack