Sennheiser EW100ENGG4-G

Portable wireless camera COMBO kit

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Enter the world of ENG and camera-mounted wireless solutions.

Sennheiser EW100 ENG G4 systems take the highly sought-after ‘G3’ version, and improve it with even quicker and more effective synchronisation between transmitters and the compact camera-mount receivers, with the addition of a dedicated ‘escape’ button for easier menu navigation.

The SKP100 plug-on transmitter suits dynamic handheld interview-style microphones, while the ME2-II discreet lapel mic is a nice solution if you wish to keep your presenter’s hands free.

All cables and accessories are provided in the box, for smooth, no-fuss operation in any situation – including CA2 camera mount for the EK100G4 receiver, and ‘both’ versions of the output cable to get into your camera:

CL1 (receiver output to dual-mono 1/8″ minijack)
CL100 (receiver output to ubalanced, mono XLR)

Portable wireless combo set. Includes (1) SK 100 G4 bodypack; (1) ME 2-II lavalier (omnidirectional; condenser); (1) SKP 100 G4 plug-on for dynamic microphones; (1) EK 100 G4 portable receiver; (1) CL1 output cable (1/8”); (1) CL100 output cable (unbalanced XLR) and (1) camera mount

566 – 608 MHz (Sennheiser EW Series G-band)

Step it up:
Should you need extra features, such as increased RF transmission power (switchable), a headphone jack on the receiver, increased RF bandwidth (up to 72 MHz), the fabulous MKE2 Gold omni lapel, and a plug-on that provides phantom power, make sure you check out the very well-appointed EW500 FILM G4 offerings

Note – although this EW100ENG G4 is a COMBO camera mount wireless system, you need to choose which transmitter is turned on for use at any given time.

You cannot use BOTH the plug-on transmitter AND the lapel mic with bodypack transmitter at the same time (unless you adjust wireless frequency, and use an additional receiver).

EW100ENG G4 features:

  • Rugged all-in-one wireless system with high flexibility for broadcast quality sound
  • Excellent sound and construction quality
  • Easy to use and fast setup time
  • Powerful and reliable wireless transmission
  • Range: up to 100 meters
  • Up to 8 hours of operation time

In the box:

  • EK 100 G4 camera receiver
  • SK 100 G4 bodypack transmitter
  • SKP 100 G4 plug-on transmitter
  • ME2 clip-on microphone
  • 6 AA batteries
  • CA2 camera adapter
  • CL1 3.5 mm jack cable
  • CL100 XLR to 3.5 mm jack adapter cable
  • quick guide
  • safety guide
  • manufacturer declaration sheet