Sennheiser EW135PG4-G

Wireless handheld camera mic system (cardioid)

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Sennheiser EW135P G4 is a great little ENG system, perfect for interviewing on-the-go.

Of course, it’s nowhere near as discreet as their EW112P G4 lapel system, but for vox pops and interviewing a number of different subjects quickly and easily, look no further.

The cardioid dynamic handheld transmitter works very effectively at blocking out the ambient noise, and sounds ‘full’ in comparison to many omnidirectional interview mics. But, you’ll need to point it in the right direction.

All cables and accessories are provided in the box, for smooth, no-fuss operation in any situation – including CA2 camera mount for the EK100G4 receiver, and ‘both’ versions of the output cable to get into your camera:

CL1 (receiver output to dual-mono 1/8″ minijack)
CL100 (receiver output to ubalanced, mono XLR)

Portable vocal set. Includes (1) SKM 100 G4 handheld microphone; (1) e 835 capsule (cardioid; dynamic); (1) EK 100 G4 portable receiver; (1) CL1 output cable (1/8”); (1) CL100 output cable (unbalanced XLR) and (1) camera mount.

566 – 608 MHz (Sennheiser EW Series G-band)

Step it up:
Should you need extra features, such as increased RF transmission power (switchable), a headphone jack on the receiver, increased RF bandwidth (up to 72 MHz), and a plug pack (including phantom power) to suit your own interview mic, make sure you check out the very well-appointed EW500BOOM G4 offerings

EW135P G4 features:

  • Rugged all-in-one wireless system with high flexibility for broadcast quality sound
  • Excellent sound and construction quality
  • Easy to use and fast setup time
  • Powerful and reliable wireless transmission
  • Range: up to 100 meters
  • Up to 8 hours of operation time

In the box:

  • EK 100 G4 camera receiver
  • SKM 100 G4 handheld transmitter
  • MMD 835-1 microphone head
  • MZQ 1 microphone clamp
  • 4 AA batteries
  • CA 2 camera adapter
  • CL 1 3.5 mm jack cable
  • CL 100 XLR to 3.5 mm jack adapter cable
  • quick guide
  • safety guide
  • manufacturer declaration sheet