Sennheiser EW500G4-945-GBW

EW500 G4 Series Wireless w/ e945 head (supercardioid)

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Sennheiser Evolution Wireless G4

Now available, we’ve been very excited to see a growing feature set on the new Sennheiser G4 series.

The 500 series has a few nice features to set it apart from the 100 series. The receiver features a super-clear OLED display, for easy-to-read information in any light conditions.

Switchable transmitter output power, up to 50 mW, gives you extra grunt – should it be required.

This handheld system, includes a dynamic, supercardioid capsule. The e945 capsule is chosen by many to be the ‘pick of the bunch’, favoured by singers on loud stages, along with presenters who demand a clear sound at all times.

Wireless vocal set. Includes (1) SKM 500 G4 handheld microphone; (1) e 945 capsule (supercardioid; dynamic); (1) EM 300-500 G4 rackmount receiver; (1) GA3 rack kit and (1) mic clip

606 – 678 MHz (Sennheiser EW Series GBW-band)

EW500G4-945 features:

  • True diversity half-rack receiver in a full-metal housing with intuitive OLED display for full control
  • Easy and flexible wireless synchronisation between transmitter and receiver via infrared
  • Up to 32 compatible channels
  • Up to 72 MHz bandwidth (in GBW band) with 3520 selectable frequencies, fully tunable in a stable UHF range
  • Ethernet connection for Wireless Systems Manager (WSM) control software for advanced frequency coordination in multi-channel setups
  • High RF output power (up to 50 mW, adjustable in three steps 10/30/50) depending on country regulations