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CAIG DeoxIT FaderLube – 100% (Dropper)

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CAIG DeoxIT FADER is designed for use with conductive plastics and carbon-based controls – replacing lubrication that may have been lost due to cleaning with solvents or other cleaning solutions.

Applying DeoxIT® Fader will provide a long-lasting barrier against contamination from oil, grease and acids  – which will be displaced above the DeoxIT® Fader layer preventing contact with the plastic membrane.

Lubrication/protection of plastic-to-plastic parts (faders), plastic-to-metal parts (faders, linear sliders – dot matrix printers), metal-to-metal parts (sliding and slow rotating metal parts, locks, bearings), carbon-based controls (potentiometers) and membrane switches (mouse pointers, touch keypads).

CAIG DeoxIT FaderLube – 100% (Dropper) 25 ml

Applications = 1250 +/- drop, 0.02 ml/drop

– Cleans, protects, lubricates, and improves conductivity
– Removes dust, dirt, and drink spills from conductive plastic faders and switches
– Removes oil, grease, and acid buildup on conductive membrane surfaces

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CAIG Laboratories, Hosa Technology and Factory Sound

CAIG Laboratories are the leading producer of environmentally-safe contact cleaners and connector enhancing treatments, proudly partnered by HOSA since 2009. Factory Sound carries a large offering, so make sure you grab what you need – before that uh-oh moment happens at a gig

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