F1 Subwoofer Padded Bag

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F1 Subwoofer Padded Bag.

Transport your F1 Subwoofer safely, and in style.

With flaps for easy access to the side or top handles, plus some skids/runners on the bottom of the bag, it’s perfect for making sure there is no ‘road rash’ while packing your F1 Sub into / out of your gig.

It’s not a roadcase, so you’ll still need to treat your speakers nicely, but then again – the beauty of F1 speaker systems is that they fit easily in the back of your car, rather than needing a van or truck for the PA.

There’s also a ‘side pouch’ for power and accessory cables, in case you don’t already have a designated case for all that stuff.

Did we mention this bag is padded on the inside? Cocoon your speaker to say ‘thanks for a great gig’.

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