Techflex Flexo PET 6.4mm CB

Flexo PET 6.4mm cable sleeve (CARBON) per metre

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Techflex Flexo PET 6.4mm CB is an expanding braided cable sleeve (min/max 3.2 – 11.1mm) in carbon.

This is per metre pricing (we cut your length to suit).

FlexoPET has a wide operating temperature range (-70°C – 125°C), is resistant to chemical degradation, UV radiation, and abrasion.

The unique braided construction and wide expandability allows quick and easy installation over connectors and long runs. Flexo PET can be found in applications ranging from small office/home office to high tech wire and cable harnesses.

Flexo PET is braided from 10 mil monofilament fibres of PolyEthylene Terephthalate (PET) The 150% expandability allows simple and effective loom and cable bunching.

Use FlexoPET to help protect your cables – just make sure you use a hot knife to efficiently make your cuts, and finish the ends with heatshrink (for neatness), cable ties or Nitto.

The variety of colours helps with either corporate identity, quick channel or cable type ID, or both.

Colour Options: see other colours in the Flexo PET 6.4mm (1/4″) range here

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