Battery Powered 300w Personal PA

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Part busking PA, part portable corporate sound reinforcement and part ‘ghetto blaster’ for millennials, FreePlay™ is a powerful little solution for portable sound.

Let’s spin straight around to the back panel – you get 2 x combi XLR/Jack mic/line inputs, so FreePlay is perfect for a mic and a guitar. There is also an aux input via minijack, idea for backing tracks, if that’s how you roll.

Don’t like the minijack input? Play with backing tracks using Bluetooth to connect to your player (iPhone, iPad, etc). Even better, you can then wirelessly control all mic levels, channel EQ and 16 digital effects. Yes, FreePlay is better than you’re average portable PA.

Of course, the built-in digital effects (plus feedback destroyer) are incredibly handy, but how much horsepower does FreePlay actually have?

The 8” woofer is powered by an amp, rated at 75w RMS, while the 2 x 1” HF speakers each have 37w RMS worth of power going into them. While Mackie is quick to call FreePlay a “300w” system, that’s really peak power, so assume it’s actually good for 150w.

Because of the very flexible nature (and nice, compact stereo sound), FreePlay is handy for a huge number of applications. Fitness classes, corporate presentation, home karaoke, busking, and more.

Photo of Mackie FREEPLAY available from Factory Sound
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FreePlay Features:

  • Full-range stereo system with high-output 8" woofer for unmatched bass response
  • Built-in 4-channel digital mixer perfect for connecting vocal mics, guitars and more
  • Stream your music from any smartphone, tablet or other Bluetooth enabled device
  • Flexible choice of AC or battery power, perfect for mobile applications
         - Optional Lithium-ion battery pack delivers up to 10 hours of continuous performance
         - Can also be powered with standard batteries (8 x D cell)
  • Easy-to-use, built-in controls plus option for complete wireless operation