Australian Monitor GETUP

Stereo Line Level Converter

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Get Up take a pair of RCA inputs, and outputs to XLR – with front panel volume control.

Sending an unbalanced signal down a chain for anything more then a few metres is fraught with the dangers of extraneous noise entering the line.

This compact, active solution (12VDC power supply included) has a stereo RCA (-10dB unbalanced) inputs, and pushes them out as stereo XLR (+4dB balanced). To further help match your input/output and signal flow, a handy volume control has been included on the front panel.

If you need to go from balanced to unbalanced (+4dB to -10db). why not have a squiz at Get Down – it’s the exact reverse of Get Up.


  • Stereo Line level converter, ‘domestic’ to ‘pro’
  • Front panel level control