Green GO HS200D

Dual muff comms headset to suit Green GO beltpacks and stations

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Green GO HS200D is a dual muff comms headset to suit Green GO beltpacks and stations.

The GGO-HS200 range of headsets are manufactured with sound quality and comfort in mind.

Although lightweight in design, they still provide effective isolation from external noise.

The impedance of the headphones, as well as the sensitivity of the microphone, are matched to the Green-GO system.

The coiled cable gives a flexible range from 1 to 3 meters and is fitted as with a Neutrik XLR4F connector.

Also available: GGO-HS200S (single muff)

HS200 (single or dual muff) suits:

  • Green-GO MCX rack station
  • Green-GO MCXD desktop station
  • Green-GO BPX wired BeltpackX
  • Green-GO BPX wired BeltpackX sports
  • Green-GO WBPX wireless BeltpackX
  • Green-GO WBPX wireless BeltpackX sports
  • Green-GO WPX wall panel X
Connectors: 1x XLR4F (Neutrik)
Cable length: 1 m (coiled), 3 m (extended)
Accessories: 1 x Windproof sponge cover (included)
Weight: HS200S (Single) – 335g
HS200D (dual) – 430g
Frequency response: 20 ‒ 12.000 Hz
Capsule: Dynamic
Characteristics: Cardioid
Output impedance: 150 Ω
Frequency response: 10 ‒ 22.000 Hz
Impedance: 200 Ω

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