Green GO SI2W

Slim Audio Interface (2-wire)

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Green GO SI2W (2-Wire) Interface is a single port device, used for integrating a single channel of analogue 2-wire intercom, seamlessly translating both full-duplex audio and call signalling between the two formats.

It enables you to integrate basic analogue party-line systems into the Green-GO network, complete with announcements and program audio.

Featuring a full-colour OLED display that shows information about channels; configurable by the four buttons on the front of the device with access to many of the same functions and features as most other Green-GO devices.

Connectivity to 2-wire systems is achieved via a single XLR3F. Powered via PoE through a network cable connected to the devices Ethercon port.

Slim Audio Interface (2-wire) features:

  • Assign users or groups to up to 32 available channels
  • Audio Line setup with Auto Null, call option, dynamics etc.
  • 1x etherCON RJ45 port
  • 1x 3-pin XLR port for 2-wire connection
  • Powered by PoE (802.3af-2003 standard)