Guitar Cab Miking System

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We are big fans of the GOODBAR.

Far-and-away, it’s the easiest method to getting a great position for your guitar cab microphone, without taking too much away from your valuable stage space.

Thanks to the nicely-size gooseneck, you can get the microphone in exactly the right spot – and you can be sure it’s going to stay in that spot!

Goodbar works either underneath a combo amp, or you can stick it between your head and cab.

Choose Sennheiser e906 or e609 shape to get super-compact, or the classic SM57 / MD421 shape if that’s how you’d like to roll. Goodbar also works nicely if you’re more of a ribbon mic fan. It’s versatile, compact and will slip quietly into your gig bag if you need to fly to the next gig.

Goodbar vitals:

Length: 300mm
Width: 50mm
Weight: < 300g

Gooseneck: 130mm
Thread: 5/8″

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