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Pro guitar lead (straight ends) – 1m

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Premium guitar lead, handmade at Factory Sound. We’ve used the best components for this: Canare GS6 cable for smooth signal throughput with excellent interference rejection, and Neutrik NP2X 1/4″ plugs at either end (the plug with the best cable strain relief in the game).

Includes genuine VELCRO® Brand ONE-WRAP® cable tie to make sure you keep it neat at the end of the gig/session.

They work just as fine for keyboards, or any other unbalanced patching application you’ve got in mind. Long lasting? The braid on this cable is super tough, and we already know how durable Neutrik connectors are. This one is designed for the neverending gig.

Length of cable: 1m

Limited Lifetime Warranty – all our Factory Sound handmade leads come with a limited lifetime warranty.

We’re so confident with the genuine Neutrik connectors, Canare cable and our own workmanship, that we’ll fix it for free if your lead breaks during normal wear and tear. Treat them nicely, and you’ll never need to take us up on the offer. Slashed leads due to cymbal stand disasters on stage will not be covered.