Allen & Heath GX4816

48 XLR Input / 16 XLR Output Portable GX Expander w/ DX Sockets

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What a box!

Allen & Heath GX4816 is a 96kHz audio expander that provides high-input-count remote expansion for SQ, Avantis and dLive* mixing systems.

There is surely a decade worth of maturing digital mixing systems that go into making an I/O box appear so simple, and well… so perfect.

Each GX4816 is loaded with 48 dLive mic preamps with independent Phantom Power LED indicators, plus 16 XLR line outputs.

Here’s the ‘push over the cliff’ though…additionally, 2 DX ports are provided for connection to up to 4 DX Expanders for further I/O expansion.

Connection to a ME Personal Mixing System is possible via the DX2 socket.

GX4816 connects via a single Cat5e cable to an SLink socket on a SQ or Avantis, or to a gigaACE audio network card on a dLive system.

Connection to DX Expanders and the ME Personal Mixing System is also over Cat5e cable.

*dLive compatibility due in Firmware V1.9

GX4816 features:

  • 48 Mic Preamps on XLR with Phantom Power status LEDs
  • 16 XLR Line Outs
  • 96kHz operation
  • DX1 Port – compatible with a single DX32, or up to 2 DX168/DX164-W expanders
  • DX2/ME Port – compatible with a single DX32, up to 2 DX168/DX164-W expanders, or a ME personal monitoring system.
  • Compatible with SQ and dLive (firmware 1.9 onwards) systems
  • Multiple GX4816 can be added to a system:
         – Up to 2 GX4816 units can be added to a SQ system
         – Up to 5 GX4816 units can be added to a dLive S Class system
         – Up to 3 GX4816 units can be added to a dLive C Class system
  • Rack-mounted (5u) or shelf/floor operation
  • Plug and Play – no IP addressing required
  • Compatible with CAT5e (or higher) cables of up to 100m
  • Locking EtherCon ports