H2n Mini Windjammer - by Rycote

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RRP: $67.00

Rycote H2n Mini Windjammer is a slip-on fur cover to allow effective use of your Zoom H2n in a windy, outdoor environment.

H2n Mini Windjammer is part of the sizeable Rycote Mini Windjammer range, which has thankfully expanded tremendously in recent years, for growing numbers of portable handheld digital recorders, as used by journalists, podcasters and broadcasters everywhere.

Whether you're grabbing a sound bite on-the-run, or collecting some atmos for your next video, the simple-but-effective Mini Windjammer is essential for keeping the wind from rendering your recordings unuseable.

If you're looking for a more holistic solution to help clean up your portable-recorder performance, check out the short clip on the video tab below, which highlights the benefits of Rycote Portable Recorder kits, including suspension, mini windjammer, hot shoe adapter, pistol grip extension handle.

Or.. just grab an H2n Mini Windjammer, and see how you go!

Photo of Rycote H2N MINI WINDJAMMER available from Factory Sound
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Mini Windjammer feature/benefits:

  • Blog, interview or podcast in any weather
  • Available for over a dozen types of recorder, mono or stereo


Since 1969, Rycote has been conceiving and producing industry-standard microphone accessories for broadcast and studio purposes. Whether it's for a Windjammer, Softie, Blimp, Fluffy, Windshield - the first name on discerning users minds is Rycote.

Check the RYCOTE brand page in our webstore for even more options.