ISO Party & Re-Starter Pack: 2x HD10A, 1x EVO4, 2x STX120M

Our Price: $1,799.00

Our carefully selected HD10A Party Pack is perfect for ramping up an ISO Party right now, and will be even more useful once we all get to re-start.

The pack comprises 2x RCF HD10A Mk4 (10" powered speakers), 1x Audient EVO4 audio interface, 2x HOSA STX120M cables.

For now - while our entertainment community is on an enforced hiatus, you can use this pack to plug the class-compliant EVO4 audio interface into your laptop, connect to the HD10A Mk4 speakers, and crank it up for your basement party - streaming any of the 'ISO Sets' that are getting pumped out each week by our talented local DJs and musicians (or you can spin your own tunes).

Once we're back in the swing - the HD10A Mk4 speakers can be used to plug a mic straight in, or as your Front of House speaker, plonk it on stage as a foldback monitor, or in the booth for DJ fill. This D-Line Series by RCF has been designed for sleek looks, rugged construction and great performance. The vocals are natural, the sound is clear at longer distances, the SPL power is stable at very high levels.

Of course, on the 'computer side of things', the control centre is EVO 4 interface, which includes Smartgain mode. You can use it to start tracking new music, or remixing new classics. Start your recording and Smartgain mode will automatically set the level of your microphones. See more on the interface here

Photo of RCF HD10A-PARTY-PACK available from Factory Sound
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  • Hd10a-pack-evo4
  • Hd10a-pack-stx120m-cable
  • Hd10a-pack-controlpanel

Speakers Stands - if you need them:

Steel - K&M 21435
Aluminium - K&M 21436

Need a headphone upgrade?
Here are some handy options for fully enclosed monitoring:

Audio Technica ATH-M20x
Audio Technica ATH-M50x
Beyerdynamic DT770PRO-80ohm
Sennheiser HD280PRO