Quest Engineering HPI212S

Compact 2×12″ Subwoofer

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The compact HPI212S subwoofer is a great performer in a number of environments.

Compact, thanks to its 2 x 12” front-loaded design, HPI212S is often used for permanent installation. The speaker transducers are custom built 12″ drivers and are one of the very few loudspeakers with cone material made from Australian eucalyptus hardwood. This material has strength like a composite material but the warm sound of a cardboard cone; much loved by hi-fi enthusiasts. The benefit with the Quest driver is it can take serious punishment while still sounding like high end studio.

The sloping connector recess on the back of the casing makes it possible to install the casing against a wall and also protects the cable connectors from possible damage. The sloping panel also acts as a cable strain relief for added reliability and great for a tidy installation.

Multiple reinforced M10 threaded inserts around the casing make it possible to fly the HPI212S for permanent installation. For mobile sound, a 35mm speaker pole adaptor is installed on the casing.

External dimensions:
900mm (width)
520mm (deptch)
395mm (height)