SH-4 headshell SILVER

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Ortofon SH-4 SILVER is high-quality, solid headshell for a variety of turntable applications.

SH-4 headshell has an ergonomic design with a long fingerlift that is easy to pick-up.

The big finger grip and shorter construction makes movement and placement of the headshell easy and visible. The wire terminals on the rear side are also gold plated for better signal transmission.

Dimensions and weight:
– Weight: 9.4g
– Shell length: 51.5mm
– Finger-lift length: 27mm

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SH-4 comes with leadwires for easy and convenient connection

All Ortofon cartridges have a colour coding of the terminals:

RED and GREEN for right channel respectively hot and ground terminal;
WHITE and BLUE for left channel respectively hot and ground terminal

Green terminal will always be used for grounding the cartridge housings or motor-system, whenever connected inside the cartridge. Ortofon recommends connecting lead wires to the cartridge and headshell before mounting the cartridge on the headshell.

Ortofon SH-4 headshell PINs and Ortofon cartridges’ terminal PINs diameter is 1.2 mm. Leadwires supplied fit all right on the cartridges’ terminal PINs.