Yamaha HS5I

Powered 5″ nearfield studio monitor (each)

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Yamaha HS5i powered nearfield studio monitor is the installation version of HS5.

You get mounting points on 4 surfaces (top, bottom, left and right), each being 2 x M5 with 60 mm pitch. HS5i is compatible with Yamaha BWS Series (wall mount) and BCS Series (ceiling mount) brackets.

Here’s the rundown on the HS5 monitor:

This 5” + 1” studio monitor shares a similar look to one of the mainstays of studio monitoring – the venerable Yamaha NS10 – but there are differences. For starters, HS5 is a powered studio monitor. The bi-amplified speaker has 45w going to the 5” woofer, with another 25w headed up to the 1” dome tweeter.

On the back:
You get a couple of choice for inputs, with XLR and balanced (TRS) 1/4″ Jack. Room Control allows you to attenuate the unnatural, exaggerated low-end that can often occur when speakers are placed next to walls, while HIGH TRIM allows for more flexible control of high frequency response.

Listen for yourself
If you’re in town, make sure you come and audition HS5. As always, there are plenty of options lined up and reading for testing in our studio monitor demo room. BYO music, or take a punt on some of the choices we have on offer.

54Hz – 30kHz frequency response (-10dB)

HS5 i features:

  • 2-way bass-reflex bi-amplified nearfield studio monitor with 5″ cone woofer and 1″ dome tweeter
  • 54Hz – 30kHz (-10dB), 74Hz – 24kHz (-3dB) frequency response
  • 45W LF plus 25W HF bi-amp system for high-performance 70W power amplification
  • ROOM CONTROL and HIGH TRIM response controls
  • XLR and TRS phone jack inputs accept balanced or unbalanced signals
  • Mounting points on 4 surfaces