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ICE CUBE: Single channel passive isolator with XLR I/O

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Housed neatly in the same compact, robust housing as the StageBug series of audio solutions, the ICE CUBE is a single channel passive isolator with XLR input / output and ground lift.

Inside the IceCube, a proprietary Eclipse transformer isolates the input from the output, and blocks stray DC currents.

While small transformers rarely perform well below 100Hz, the IceCube is exceptionally linear from 20Hz to 18kHz. It is also able to withstand up to +10dB at 20Hz with less than 0.01% distortion.

It is a quick and easy problem solver that will eliminate noise without limiting the bandwidth or introducing phase shift, harsh sound or unpleasant artifacts.

Unlike other isolators that are made of plastic, IceCube is made from solid 16 gauge steel and finished in a tough powder coat. The steel outer shell is not only more durable, it provides excellent shielding against electromagnetic fields radiated by power cables, dimmers, motors and power supplies – delivering consistently quieter results when deployed.

This is augmented with a ‘set & forget’ ground lift switch to eliminate hum and buzz caused by ground loops.



  • Eliminates hum & buzz caused by ground loops
  • Exceptionally linear response from 20Hz to 18kHz
  • Able to handle pro output levels without choking
  • Plug & play easy to use with XLR in & out