Earthworks ICONPRO

Voiceover microphone – cardioid condenser

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Earthworks ICON PRO is a voiceover/streaming microphone, perfect for home recording and podcasting. Cardioid condenser.

Designed and manufactured in USA, the ICON PRO not only looks the part, it’s also likely the ‘last broadcast mic you’ll ever need’. With some serious heritage in manufacturing ultra-fast responsive microphones that are built to stand the test of time, Earthworks has a knack of making microphones that capture a natural sound.

Includes Triad-Orbit M2-R swivel mount. Attaches to any standard microphone stand or desk stand. It’s also compatible with many desk arms, including PSA1.

Big sound handling capabilities:
ICON PRO is certainly well-equipped to deal with a ‘quiet-talker’, and will capture the sound naturally. But if you’ve got a big, big voice – or perhaps an instrument – this mic can handle up to 139 dB peak input with distorting. Needless to say, that’s enough to comfortable record even most situations we’ve ever faced in a voiceover or podcasting studio.

Size of the capsule:
Yes – it looks like a ‘big’ mic grille, but underneath the machined casing in a small-diaphragm capsule that captures the voice accurately.

Studio quality audio – ultra-fast capsule rise time speed of 11.67 microseconds. When sound matters, Earthworks is the choice.

In the box:

  • ICON PRO microphone (xlr output)
  • Triad Orbit M2-R Mount

M2-R Ball Mount:
Attaches to any standard microphone stand or desk stand. Also compatible with many desk arms, including PSA1.

USB version available:
If you’re after a voiceover microphone, but want to go straight in to USB, check the ICON USB.

Microphone Type: Condenser
Frequency Response 20Hz – 30kHz
Polar Pattern Cardioid
Diaphragm Size: Small
Max Acoustic Input: 139dB SPL
Power Source: 48V Phantom Power
Noise: 16dB SPL (A weighted)
Colour: Stainless Steel
Dimensions: 130 x 40 mm
Weight: 0.68 kg

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