Earthworks ICON-USB

USB Streaming Microphone with headphone output

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Earthworks ICON USB is a streaming microphone, perfect for home recording, remote working and podcasting. Includes headphone output.

Designed and manufactured in USA, the ICON USB not only looks the part, it’s also likely the ‘last USB mic you’ll ever need’. With some serious heritage in manufacturing ultra-fast responsive microphones that are built to stand the test of time, Earthworks has a knack of making microphones that capture a natural sound.

Yes – it looks like a ‘big’ mic grille, but underneath the machined casing in a small-diaphragm capsule that captures the voice accurately. There is also a gain knob on the back (next to the headphone jack – for zero latency monitoring), which can be used to help tailor your sound to your environment.

Gain Knob settings:
The centre position is the default setting, and is best for speech at a medium-loud volume from 3 inches away.
The knob can be adjusted depending on your distance from the microphone. Turning it right increases the gain, and turning it left lowers the gain. (When turning, you will also feel a click when the knob is at the centre position. Use this as an indicator of its position when you’re not looking at the back.)

ICON USB is class-compliant, so you won’t need to install a driver on any OS in order to use it.

Studio quality audio – ultra-fast capsule rise time speed of 14 microseconds. When sound matters, Earthworks is the choice.

In the box:

  • ICON USB microphone, with custom Triad-Orbit stand
  • USB cable

Integrated M2-R Ball Adapter:
The ICON can be unscrewed from its included Triad-Orbit stand and
mounted on any microphone stand or boom mount.

XLR version available:
If you’re after a voiceover microphone, but prefer the standard XLR analogue connection, check the ICON PRO.

Microphone Type:
Frequency Response:
20Hz – 20kHz
Polar Pattern:
Diaphragm Size:
Max Acoustic Input: 132dB SPL
Power Source:
USB Bus Power
Signal-to-Noise Ratio: 70dB A-weighted
Power Consumption:
70 mA at 5V (Bus Power)
Typical Headphone Impedance: 16 Ohms
Headphone Output Power:
50 mW (at 16 Ohms)
Colour: Stainless Steel
Dimensions: 140 x 40 mm
Weight: 0.68 kg

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