Audient ID44

20-in / 24-out Desktop Interface

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Audient ID44 is a 20 in/24 out USB Audio Interface.

iD44 features Four Class-A Console quality Mic Pre-amplifiers with the same discrete circuit design found in the renowned recording console the ASP8024-HE. These same preamplifiers are used through-out the entire Audient product line. Designed to deliver ultra-low noise and low distortion but with an accurate reproduction of the source.

Are Four of these succulent Preamps really enough for any hungry audio enthusiest? Why not add an Audient ASP880 to the table setting? Now our mouths and ears are watering! Hungry?

Discrete JFET D.I’s
As well as offering you 4 channels of mic pre, iD44 has two harmonically rich JFET D.I inputs designed to replicate the input stage of a classic valve amplifier. Simply plug in your guitar, bass or synth whenever inspiration strikes and start recording instantly. Simply plug in and be inspired.

Balanced Inserts
Two fully balanced insert points enable you to integrate your outboard gear prior to conversion, letting you quickly insert your favourite compressors, vintage mic pres or EQs. The insert return also gives you direct access to the analogue to digital converters – providing the cleanest signal path possible, making it great for print-backs or integrating outboard analogue line level sources.

Console Style Monitor Control with Phase Flip, Mono Summing & Talkback Control. Also features two Independent Headphone Outputs.

ID44 Features:

  • 20-in, 24-out Desktop Interface
  • 4 x Class-A Audient Console Mic Preamplifiers with 60dB of Gain
  • Class Leading AD/DA Converters
  • 2 x ADAT Inputs & Outputs for Digital Expansion
  • 2 x Discrete JFET Instrument Inputs
  • 2 x Fully Balanced Inserts
  • 2 x Independent Stereo Headphone Outputs
  • Main and Alt Speaker Outputs
  • ScrollControl
  • 3 x User Defined Function Keys
  • Dedicated Talkback, Dim and Cut Controls
  • Power Switch
  • Low Latency DSP Mixer
  • Word Clock Output
  • USB2.0 Compliant
  • 24bit/96khz
  • All-Metal Enclosure & hand-milled aluminium knobs