Pace iLok 3

iLok3 - USB license holder

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How does it work and why do I need one?

The iLok is a special USB device that holds your licenses for iLok-enabled software. Software publishers use the iLok to provide secure protection for their software. When you run their iLok-enabled software, it looks for the software license on your attached iLok.

For some DAWs and PlugIn suites, there is no alternative - grab yourself in iLok3

It's portable - you can authorise your software anywhere it is installed. At home, work, or at a remote location, you can keep your software licenses with you, not on your computer.

It's convenient and cross-platform - Store your Mac and Windows iLok-enabled software licenses all on a single iLok. A third generation iLok (pictured) can hold over 1500 licenses.

Worry Free - Your licenses are on the safest, most secure solution: the iLok. With "Zero Downtime™ protection available, you've got 24/7 peace of mind"

Photo of Pace iLok 3 available from Factory Sound
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For more information, or to access iLok License Manager, check

Managing your licenses has never been so easy. Using the iLok License Manager application, you can:

  • View what is on your iLok(s)
  • Download new licenses from participating software publishers
  • Manage your licenses, including moving them between iLoks within your account and from your iLoks back to your account
  • Transfer licenses you no longer use to other accounts