Rycote InVision USM

Universal Studio Mount

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°Universal shock mount, designed for microphones between 18 – 55mm diameter, and 400 to 750g. The InVision series uses Rycote’s patented vibration-resistant Lyre mount. The W-shaped Lyres are placed around a central mounting ring with adjustable fasteners, allowing the USM to accommodate a serious range of microphones. To get InVision USM with an integrated pop filter, choose INV-STUDIOKIT.

If you’ve got a lightweight microphone, chosse USM-L

The Rycote USM updates the concept of the microphone suspension for the 21st century, completely omitting any elasticated parts and using modern materials to create a virtually indestructible shock-mount with a performance that far outstrips that of the humble ‘cat’s cradle’ suspension. In controlled tests at the Rycote factory, the USM provided up to twice the isolation of traditional microphone suspension systems.


  • Fits any large-diaphragm recording microphone with a diameter between 18 and 55mm
  • Complete Pop Filter and Suspension System
  • USM offers up to 12dB better isolation against unwanted vibrations
  • Pop Filter provides up to 20dB pops and thumps attenuation, with no HF loss


  • Mic diameters: 18-55 mm
  • Microphone length: up to 300 mm
  • Maximum Weight (vertical): 750 g
  • Maximum weight (horizontal): 500g
  • Suspension Rotation (maximum): 175