Triad IO-R6

IO Coupler (Retro-fit 6 pack)

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Our Price: $235.00

Triad-Orbit stands are unique for your studio. You can use this 6-pack of IO-R retrofittable adapter to provide any of your existing stands with a bit of Triad-Orbit flexibility.

Utilising the innovative Triad-Orbit coupling system, you can simply purchase additional IO-H adaptors for each microphone you'd like to keep handy, and permanently screw it in to the suspension or stand mount.

It's then as simple as pulling down on the lock ring to realease whatever microphone you've currently got set up, and swapping over for your new mic. No more mucking around with unscrewing your shockmount. Quick and simple!

This unique system has the added benefit of avoiding nasty cross-threading disasters with your expensive microphone suspensions. Screw it in once, and you're done.

It also make for a super quick setup and pack down when you're in charge of the stage microphones.

Photo of Triad IO-R6 available from Factory Sound
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  • Io-r-6-pack

Individual IO-R Specs:

  • Thread: Standard 5/8"
  • Overall Length: 75mm
  • Weight: 184g

Also available as single - IO-R to help retrofit a single stand.

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