Jackson JDALR2

Double Adaptor Twin Pack – Left & Right

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Jackson JDALR2 is a twin pack of double adaptors for power.

The left and right design is practical and space saving, allowing the two adaptors to sit neatly side by side.

We don’t imagine there will be too many kicking around on a stage, but they’re certainly handy to keep in the ‘useful drawer’ at home, just in case the kitchen gets a new appliance.


Check out more from the range of power distribution products from Jackson, via our brand page here.

JDALR2 features:

  • 2 Power Outlets
  • Left & Right Space Saving Design
  • Modern White Finish
  • Voltage 240VAC ~ 50Hz
  • Current 10A (Max.)
  • Power Rating 2400 Watt (max)

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