Beyerdynamic K1090015m

1.5m cable for use with DT108 and DT109 (bare ends)

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Cable for connecting DT108 or DT109 headsets.

With bare ends, simply choose the config required, and either build it yourself or let us take care of things for you. If you’re in doubt, give us a call or email and we’ll make sure you get looked after.

Cable length: 1.5m

Typical configs:

  – NC4FXX for connection with Clearcom or Jands Ezicom
  – NC3MXX and NP3X for use with a variety of monitoring and broadcast consoles

Already tinned:
Beyer has taken care of the little things to help save you a bit of time. If you look closely, the bare ends of ths cable have been neatly stripped and tinned. 

Here’s one we prepared earlier:
If you just need a 4-pin female on the end, Beyer has already done it for you – choose K109.28-1.5M
For use with a console, choose the K109.40-1.5M version, with 3-pin male XLR for the microphone, and 1/4″ stereo jack for the monitoring.

Screw included:
The fabulously named 930761 ‘safety screw’ is included in this item. Once you’ve connected your cable to the side of your DT108 / DT109, use the M2 x 12mm 930791 screw to stop the cable dropping out mid-show, if it gets caught on something.

Because the show must go on, Factory Sound keeps spare parts for Beyer DT108 and DT109 headsets on hand.

Check here for a current list of Beyerdynamic Spares to suit these headsets

cable length   1.5 m
Net weight without packaging   71 g