Beyerdynamic K109.28-1.5m

1.5m cable for use with DT108/109 (4-pin XLR female)

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Cable for connecting DT108 or DT109 headsets.

With a Neutrik 4-pin female connector at the ‘action’ end, this cable is well-suited for plug-and-play use with a variety of comms systems, including Clearcom and the well-priced Jands EZICOM.

Cable length: 1.5m

Need a different config?
Just in case you’re not interfacing with something that needs a 4-pin female, grab yourself the ‘bare end’ version of this 1.5m cable – K109.00-1.5M. Use it with any variety of ‘do-it-yourself’ XLR and/or Jack connectors to get your DT108 or DT109 plugging in to your system.
The K109.40-1.5M offers a 3-pin male XLR for the microphone, plus 1/4″ stereo jack for the monitoring.

If you’re in doubt, call Factory Sound 03 9922 100 or send us an email and we’ll make sure you get looked after.

Screw included:
The fabulously named 930761 ‘safety screw’ is included in this item. Once you’ve connected your cable to the side of your DT108 / DT109, use the M2 x 12mm 930791 screw to stop the cable dropping out mid-show, if it gets caught on something.

Because the show must go on, Factory Sound keeps spare parts for Beyer DT108 and DT109 headsets on hand.

Check here for a current list of Beyerdynamic Spares to suit these headsets