Radial Key-Largo

Keyboard Mixer and Performance Pedal

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Key-Largo – Keyboard mixer; 3 stereo inputs; effects bus; USB; balanced DI outs

Radial Engineering has come to the rescue of working keyboard players, with the feature-packed Key-Largo. Why nobody has been able to deal with this sooner is no longer relevant, because Radial has done it.

Have a squiz at the images, they should explain most things. You get 3 pair of stereo keyboard inputs, plus USB input for soft synths as your 4th input. Each of these channels has an effects send (with overall EFX level control).

Balanced L&R XLR outputs for your FOH mix send, plys you get a pair of 1/4″ outputs for your local stage monitoring.

There’s also an in/out for your Volume pedal, if you’re needing one. Effects can be switched on/off using a ‘stomp box’ style footswitch, and just because there’s room for another button – Radial has included a SUSTAIN function, just in case your trusty pedal breaks during the gig – or doesn’t make the flight.

There’s also MIDI on the side, and you can use KEY-LARGO as a USB interface, if you’d like to be recording your performance.

Compact, and VERY impressive. Check the VIDEO tab below to see KEY-LARGO in action.

Key-Largo features:

  • Three analog stereo inputs for keyboards
  • Digital USB connection for laptop soft-synth
  • Sustain footswitch and switchable effects loop
  • Balanced XLR outputs for the PA and monitor outputs for stage