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Native Instruments KNTRLS5

Portable, Stems-ready 4-channel DJ controller

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TRAKTOR KONTROL S5 is a 4-deck all-in-one DJ controller built to feel familiar, right from the start.
Time-tested features fuse with innovative high-res displays and touch-sensitive controls to channel your creativity. And with essential Stems control, experience modern DJing in a compact, rock-solid system.


TRAKTOR KONTROL S5's two high-res displays put TRAKTOR PRO 2 software in plain sight directly on the hardware.

Browse for the next track, monitor effects, see Stems play as four stacked waveforms, and more all in vivid color. Just touch a knob and watch TRAKTOR respond on the displays – smart views, pop-up panels, filters, and effects values are instantly revealed by touch-sensitive knobs.
Includes TRAKTOR software
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Stems is a completely new way to DJ.

A Stem file is an open, multi-channel audio file that contains a track split into four musical elements – bass, drums, vocals, and melody for example. With each element available independently, you can mix in ways that just weren’t possible until now.

Create instant track edits, mash-ups, a cappellas, and more by bringing different Stem parts in and out of the mix. And re-think the way you use effects – add effects to the vocals, and leave the rest of the track dry, for example.

TRAKTOR KONTROL S5 deck sections are purpose-built for mixing with Stems.