Bose L1MIS+B1

Bose L1 Model 1S with B1 bass

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Bose L1 Model 1S wtih B1 bass extension is a super-portable, powered column speaker system.

Recommended for audiences up to 300, the 12-speaker articulated line array delivers 180-degree horizontal sound coverage. It produces consistent tonal balance with less volume drop-off over distance.

The system’s interconnecting pieces allow for easy transport, setup and breakdown. B1 bass module included.

B1 bass speaker – 11.4kg, comes with protective cover
L1 Model 1S top array and bottom extension – 7.4 and 3.8 kg, with carrying bag
L1 Model 1S power stand – 10.7kg, comes with carrying bag

The optional T4S or T8S ToneMatch® Mixers adds additional channels, so you can expand the system and connect additional instruments and microphones. You can also use the ToneMatch mixer to fine-tune your sound with powerful, proprietary tone-shaping tools.

See below for a more detailed feature list, or go here to see the range of Bose currently available at Factory Sound.

Of course, to get the best possible demonstration of L1 Model 1S capabilities, come in to our showroom and we’ll make sure you get sorted.

L1 Model S with B1 bass – feature highlights:

  • Spatial Dispersion™ and Articulated Array® speaker technologies in the loudspeaker produce wide, uniform sound coverage. The 12 small drivers are arranged using Articulated Array® speaker technology in a slim, vertical enclosure—creating nearly 180 degrees of horizontal coverage and consistent tonal balance.
  • Integrated power amplifiers in the power stand provide clean, precise amplification for L1® Model 1S system with up to two B1 bass modules or one B2 bass module.
  • ToneMatch® port on power stand for digital audio and power connection to ToneMatch® audio engine.
    Analogue input, trim control and signal/clip LED for line-level analogue input via 0.63 cm TRS phone cable. Can be used for instruments or other audio sources like DJ mixers, MP3 players, computers or DVD systems.
  • Bass module out for amplified bass output signal to one or two B1 bass modules or one B2 bass module. L1® system automatically adjusts equalisation appropriately when bass modules are connected.
    Interlocking design of the four lightweight components eliminates the need for speaker stands and speaker wires. Setup takes only minutes.
  • Retractable legs provide stability for streamlined power stands and loudspeakers. Four retractable legs fold out of power stand simultaneously for quick setup and compact transport.
  • Convenient carry bags—one each for the loudspeaker, power stand and bass module—make getting to and from your gig that much easier.