Canare L2E5

Low Profile Mic / Signal Cable

Order Code: L-2E5-BK
Our Price: $2.50

Miniature version of L-2T2S for when small size and light weight is a consideration. Useful for patch cables, making your own 'insert' leads, and also as a lightweight 'boom mic' lead.

4.6mm O.D.
Black, price per metre


Photo of Canare L2E5 available from Factory Sound
  • L-2t2s-bk
  • L-2t2s-bk-braid


  • Braided Copper Shield
  • Flexible in Extreme Cold Weather
  • Reduced Handling Noise
  • Rejects EMI and RFI

Also available in 200m quantities:
L-2E5-BK200 (200m)