Canare L-2T2S-BL100

100m Roll - Heavy Duty Mic / Signal Cable (Blue)

Order Code: L-2T2S-BL100
Our Price: $280.00

Perfect if you're manufacturing your own mic or signal leads, and you'd like them to be blue - grab a 100m roll of genuine Canare L-2T2S-BL100, and away you go.

Ideal for long lasting microphone leads. Also for heavy application, frequent use 'powered speaker' signal leads. 6.0mm diameter 2-conductor 'balanced' cable. The high density braided copper shield and two inner conductors (composed of 60 thin strands of copper wire) allow for maximum flexibility and reduced handling noise. A special compound PVC outer jacket resists cracking and tears even in sub-zero environments.

Blue, 100m roll

Photo of Canare L-2T2S-BL100 available from Factory Sound
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  • Braided Copper Shield
  • Flexible in Extreme Cold Weather
  • Reduced Handling Noise
  • Rejects EMI and RFI

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