Sennheiser LA2

Charging adapter for SKM handhelds with L2015

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Sennheiser LA2 is a charging adapter to allow SKM handheld placement in L2015 charging bay.

If you’re running a regular show, there is no simpler way to make sure your wireless gear is ready to go. Use genuine Sennheiser BA2015 rechargeable battery packs, and after each gig, drop your handheld transmitter (with this LA2 adapter) straight into the L2015 charger – and it’ll be ready to “in no time”

It takes roughly 2.5 hours for a completely discharged BA2015 battery pack to reach full capacity (at room temperature). Green LED will illuminate on the L2015, once full charge has been achieved.

You can charge BA2015 directly in L2015, or you can simply slide your SK100 / SK500 transmitter (or EK100 and EK500 camera receivers) straight into the charger. Evolution IEM receiver packs also recharge nicely in there.

Unfortunately, the handhelds don’t fit straight in… which is where this LA2 comes in to play.

Choose the NT1-1 power supply for a single L2015 charging station, or cascade up to 3 x L2015 (for six charging slots), and power with a single NT3-1.

Note – Power supplies are not included with L2015

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