16 Knob Controller for Launchpad

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Our Price: $155.00

Lining up perfectly with the grid layout of LAUNCHPAD, this 16 knob controller is the ideal companion for serious live performance. 

Launch Control works with all major music software - and with your iPad. Use Launch Control's pads to fire off samples while you use the knobs to tweak filters, levels, and effects controls.

Launch Control doesn't just give you 16 knobs and eight launch pads. Eight factory and eight user templates allow you to instantly take control of multiple instruments and effects without remapping, whatever your software. Ableton Live Lite and an extensive Loopmasters sample pack are both included.

Check the video tab below for a quick teaser overview of just what can be achieved when you marry up your LaunchPad with a LaunchControl.

Photo of Novation LAUNCHCONTROL available from Factory Sound
  • Launchcontrol
  • Launchcontrol-side
  • Launchcontrol-lps

Physical Controls

  • 16 rotary pots with 300 degree motion
  • 8 three colour Launch pads
  • 6 function buttons


  • Class Compliant USB
  • Kensington Lock Slot