Bosch LH1-UC30E

Outdoor Music Horn Speaker

Order Code: LH1-UC30E
Our Price: $275.00

Music Horn Loudspeaker: features a two-way system, resulting in an extended frequency range and high sensitivity, making it ideal for both high quality speech and music. The horn is weather protected (to IP65) and can be used in areas with high humidity. It is suitable for outdoor applications and is designed for use in voice alarm systems, being compliant with EVAC standards.

The horn loudspeaker has built-in protection to ensure that, in the event of a fire, damage to the loudspeaker does not result in failure of the circuit to which it is connected. In this way, system integrity is maintained, ensuring loudspeakers in other areas can still be used to inform people of the situation. The horn loudspeaker has ceramic terminal blocks, thermal fuse and heat resistant high temperature wiring.

Photo of Bosch LH1-UC30E available from Factory Sound


  • Excellent speech and music reproduction
  • Two?way system
  • Attractive ABS housing
  • Provisions for internal mounting of the optional line / loudspeaker supervision board
  • EN 54?24 certified