Australian Monitor

Australian Monitor LH25P

Loudhailer - up to 400m Range

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RRP: $209.00

A megaphone to get you heard above the racket. For either school sports carnivals, local clubs and emergency situations, here's a handy loudhailer.

25w, and the microphone is positioned at where a traditional megaphone mic sits. Should you wish a detachable 'fist microphone' instead, choose the LH25FM version.

6hr battery life and on-board tone generator (fog horn, whistle and siren).
Range: approx 400m

Photo of Australian Monitor LH25P available from Factory Sound
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  • 25 Watts
  • On-Board Tone Generator (Fog Horn, Whistle and Siren)
  • Battery Operation
  • 400 Metre (approx) Effective Range
  • Light Weight (1.0 Kg Excluding Batteries)
  • 6 Hour Battery Life