LOWE 3204/16U19

Industrial Tube Cutter 3204/16U19

Order Code: LIC3204/16U19
RRP: $112.50

These tube cutters are ideal for field use, to make clean and easy cuts for PVC tubes and flexible cable duct.

Using the same ANVIL design as our favourite - 1.104 cable cutter, this "Industrial Tube Cutter" has a pair of guides (16mm and 19mm) to keep your PVC tube or cable duct in position, for a clean and easy cut.

Made in Germany, 3204/16u19 uses the anvil principle - a drawing cut against a fixed base plate. This translates to reduced cutting impact (helping your hands and joints during repetitive duties), enabling better force transmission.

Vital statistics:

Length: 21.5 cm
Cutting OD: 16 mm / 19 mm
Weight: 345 g

Some history... LOWE unveiled their ANVIL style cutters a long time ago. The principle developed by Walther Schröder in 1923 and since proven millions of times over, results in a very easy cut, making it a favourite among professional users.

Photo of LOWE 3204/16U19 available from Factory Sound
  • 3204-16u19
  • 3204-16u19-open
  • 3204-16u19-action

3204/16u19 features:

  • Better transmission of force
  • Ideally suited to plastic ducts and PVC tubes, 16mm and 19mm OD
  • No cutting impact and less force exercised during cutting (Protection of the hand and joints)
  • Low-cost maintenance