Drum claw - mic arm

Order Code: LP592AX
RRP: $89.99

The Claw - ever dependable, and an old favourite.

Whilst designed by Latin Percussion, 'the claw' is far from being pigeon-holed as a timbale or conga mic mounting system.

It's excellent for mounting a guitar cab mic in just the right spot when you connect the claw section the the handle of a quad box.

Sometimes used for snare drums for tight stage use, and many other applications.

Freely positionable, and easy to use. Grab a couple and throw them in with your bag of tricks.

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  • Ensures solid placement of microphones on snare drums, toms and congas
  • Z-shaped 3/8" diameter microphone rod allows close or extended mic positioning
  • Rubber lined jaw and mount isolates the micorphone from drum vibration and cross talk
  • The best way to mic any acoustic drum or amplifier