Lumicraft LUMICON43

Simple LED Lighting Controller

Order Code: LUMICON43
RRP: $99.00

Take control of your LED ParCan fixures, with this simple controller.

Lumicon43 is a dedicated LED controller, offering 9 chase patterns, combinable with 7 colour schemes.

There is easy control over your chase speeds, either via hand top or music signal (internal microphone), and the master output controls your dimming level: 50 / 75 / 100%.

Far from being a complex scene editor, the beauty is in the simplicity of Lumicon43 - with four operation modes: Blackout (all off), Scene (static on with selectable color), Pattern (chase), Strobe (white 18Hz strobe)

Should you need more sophisticated control - including laptop or iPad control options - get in touch and we'll make sure you get looked after.

Photo of Lumicraft LUMICON43 available from Factory Sound


  • Chase Light controller for either 3 or 4 RGB target devices
  • Utilising industry-standard Multiform DMX 4-channel scheme
  • Four operation modes: Blackout (all off), Scene (static on with selectable color), Pattern (chase), Strobe (white 18Hz strobe)
  • 9 chase patterns, combinable with 7 color schemes
  • Speed in pattern mode either settable by hand tap or music signal picked up from internal microphone
  • Master output dimming level settable to 50/75/100%
  • Transition between steps in pattern mode selectable hard (switching) / soft (fading)
  • All essential functions with status LED
  • Handheld-sized road-proof metal case
  • External 12V power supply (included)
  • White-balance factory-calibrated
  • 4-channel DMX mode (RGB brightness, dimmer/strobe for full unit) with adjustable start channel
  • 12-channel ?DMX Individual? mode (RGB brightness, dimmer/strobe for each of the 3 sections) with adjustable start channel
  • DMX slave mode to easily connect several units to be controlled by the first unit in the chain
  • Blue 7-segment display (automatic display-off mode after 30 seconds to avoid the display light disturbing the show setting)
  • Aluminum body, black anodized surface
  • Dual aluminum mounting brackets