ONEstage LYNXioM

Modular Ethercon™ break-out adapter with 4x XLR male tails

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ONEstage LYNXio M is a modular Ethercon™ break-out adapter with 4x XLR male tails. It comes with a host of mounting accessories to ensure its suitability in every possible use case.

The internal ‘RJ4P’ connector has 4 x 3pin ‘Phoenix’ style connectors to facilitate easy modification should the user require a custom connector configuration.

Theatres, band venues, audio production house, lighting rental companies, touring bands or techs, wanting to easily transport 4ch of analogue audio, AES, comms or DMX over shielded Cat5e cable will benefit from the LYNX-io.

It can be truss mounted to breakout DMX to lighting fixtures, on the leg of a DJ riser for L,R & booth, in a 4ch amp rack, or use it to interconnect between touring splits and your IEM or wireless mic rack.

Simply plug the LYNX-io into a companion product such as the RJ4P (or another compatible Ethercon™ product) via a shielded Cat5e cable. Attach the included rack ‘ear’ to mount it to 19” rack strip, or use the included M4-M8 adapter to mount it to a half coupler or Hook clamp (not included).

LYNX io M features:

  • 4x Male 3 pin XLR connectors
  • Small form factor and lightweight
  • Rugged 2-piece aluminium enclosure
  • All black components and hardware
  • Neutrik™ Connectors
  • Eurocable™ 110ohm ‘ExtraFlex’ cable
  • 330mm long tails (excluding connector)
  • 19”  Rackmount ‘Ear’ included
  • M4 – M8 adapter included for truss mounting
  • 4x non-slip rubber feet included
  • Medical grade Polycarbonate Label and adhesive with a matte finish prevents reflections
  • 1x M4 threaded insert for mounting additional accessories
  • Textured finish and anodised black for low reflectivity
  • Plastic free, recycled cardboard packaging
  • Proudly made in Melbourne, Australia


  • Correct operation requires shielded Category 5E cable or greater
  • Whilst every effort was made to prevent the potential ingress of dust and moisture, the LYNX-io is NOT officially IP rated
  • Not suitable for POE or T-Base applications
  • M4 threaded insert is not TUV rated
  • Specs are subject to change without notice

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