TC Electronic

TC Electronic M-ONE-XL

Multi Effect Processor

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RRP: $999.00

Straight out of the box the effects sound rich and very useable. Since its release the M-OneXL has become our most requested multi-effects processor. With high quality algorithms, great sound and a very accessible price, it's certain to continue this trend. Highly editable (and easy to do so), with XLR I/O and S/PDIF I/O. Live, studio or both.

M-One XL comes with 200 high-grade Factory Presets, covering any application imaginable. On top of that, M-One XL stores up to 100 of your favorite presets in the User Bank. When you are satisfied with your preset, just hit the STORE key to save. Simple, as it should be.

Photo of TC Electronic M-ONE-XL available from Factory Sound
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These 'classic' reverbs simulate the reverberation of very large rooms with high ceilings. They have unobtrusive reflections with a density and naturalness you have only been dreaming of - until now. The Hall reverbs are particularly great-sounding for vocals, acoustic guitar and piano.


The Live algorithms are the grainy type of reverbs known as the typical 1980s live reverbs. Use these reverbs whenever you need the extra edge to really 'cut through'  any PA system.


TC Electronic's famous Room reverbs generate a vast array of room settings with different sizes and surfaces. The Room reverbs will make your music come alive by adding ultimate realism and texture to your mix.


The most basic-sounding reverbs in the M-One XL are the 'non-digital', mechanical-sounding ones, which eliminates the need for metal plates: Create the artificial reflections typically found on 'old mechanical' reverbs! Plates 1 & 2 are particularly good for drums and vocal tracks.