Midas M32R LIVE

Digital Console with 40 Input Channels (32 Midas PRO Mic Preamps) and 25 Mix Buses

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Midas M32 digital console has become a staple around town, with its 32 local Midas PRO mic preamps and plenty of extra features.

M32 LIVE console combines legendary Midas sound quality with advanced digital technology, future-proof floating point audio engine, extremely low-latency design and industry-leading 192 kHz ADC and DAC converters. High-end construction materials include carbon fibre provide unparalleled durability and strength, plus substantially lower weight than comparable consoles.

M32 LIVE utilises award-winning Midas PRO Series microphone preamplifiers and the custom-designed Midas PRO motorised faders that are rated for 1 million life cycles.

Your “mind-to-sound” interface

Whether you’re accustomed to digital mixers or not, the M32 LIVE’s intuitive user interface offers a fluid mixing experience that instantly feels like home. A 7″ day-viewable colour TFT (Thin-Film Transistor) display shows the setting parameters you need when you need them. The “Sends on Fader” function allows you to build powerful, dedicated sub-mixes for monitor, secondary zone feeds, and much more – all without affecting the front of house mix or levels.

Then there’s the effects, the LCD scribble strips, AES50 networking allows up to 96 inputs and 96 outputs, DCA and 6 mute groups – and we’re still just scratching the surface.

M32R Live features:

  • Live performance and studio recording digital console with up to 40 simultaneous input channels
  • 32 award-winning Midas PRO microphone preamplifiers
  • 25 time-aligned and phase-coherent mix buses
  • AES50 networking allows up to 96 inputs and 96 outputs
  • 32 bi-directional channels of live recording/playback on dual SD/SDHC (cards not included)
  • Up to 3 hours of 32 channel PCM recording in one session – stored as uncompressed WAV files
  • High-performance carbon fibre, aluminium and high-impact steel structure
  • 40 bit floating point digital signal processing
  • 8 DCA and 6 mute groups
  • 8 digital signal processing effects engines
  • 25 Midas PRO motor faders
  • Daylight viewable 7″ full colour TFT display screen
  • 32 x 32 channel USB 2.0 audio interface
  • DAW remote control emulations of Mackie Control* and HUI* protocols
  • Optional wireless remote control with Midas Apps for iPhone* and iPad*
Input Processing Channels 32 Input Channels,
8 Aux Channels,
8 FX Return Channels
Output Processing Channels 16
16 aux buses, 6 matrices, main LRC 100
Internal Effects Engines (True Stereo / Mono) 16
Internal Show Automation (structured Cues / Snippets) 500 / 100
Internal Total Recall Scenes (incl. Preamplifiers and Faders) 100
Signal Processing 40-Bit Floating Point
A/D Conversion (8-channel, 96 kHz ready) 114 dB Dynamic Range (A-weighted*)
D/A Conversion (stereo, 96 kHz ready) 120 dB Dynamic Range (A-weighted*)
I/O Latency (Console Input to Output) 0.8 ms
Network Latency (Stage Box In > Console > Stage Box Out) 1.1 ms
Midas PRO Series Microphone Preamplifier (XLR) 32
Talkback Microphone Input (XLR) 1
RCA Inputs / Outputs 2
XLR Outputs 16
Monitoring Outputs (XLR / ¼” TRS Balanced) 2
Aux Inputs/Outputs (¼” TRS Balanced) 6
Phones Output (¼” TRS) 2 (Stereo)
Digital AES/EBU Output (XLR) 1
AES50 Ports (Klark Teknik SuperMAC) 2
Expansion Card Interface 32 Channel Audio Input / Output
ULTRANET P-16 Connector (No Power Supplied) 1
MIDI Inputs / Outputs 1
USB Type A (Audio and Data Import / Export) 1
USB Type B, rear panel, for remote control 1
Ethernet, RJ45, rear panel, for remote control 1
Mic Input Characteristics
Design Midas PRO Series
THD+N (0 dB gain, 0 dBu output) <0.01% (unweighted)
THD+N (+40 dB gain, 0 dBu to +20 dBu output) <0.03% (unweighted)
Input Impedance (Unbalanced / Balanced) 10 kΩ / 10 kΩ
Non-Clip Maximum Input Level +23 dBu
Phantom Power (Switchable per Input) +48 V
Equivalent Input Noise @ +45 dB gain -125 dB (22 Hz-22 kHz, unweighted)
CMRR @ Unity Gain (Typical) >70 dB
CMRR @ 40 dB Gain (Typical) >90 dB
Input/Output Characteristics
Frequency Response @ 48 kHz Sample Rate 0 dB to -1 dB (20 Hz-20 kHz)
Dynamic Range, Analogue In to Analogue Out 106 dB (22 Hz-22 kHz, unweighted)
A/D Dynamic Range, Output (Typical) 109 dB (22 Hz-22 kHz, unweighted)
Crosstalk Rejection @ 1 kHz, Adjacent Channels 100 dB
Output level, XLR Connectors (Nominal / Maximum) +4 dBu / +21 dBu
Output Impedance, XLR Connectors (Unbalanced / Balanced) 50 Ω / 50 Ω
Input impedance, TRS Connectors (Unbalanced / Balanced) 20 kΩ / 40 kΩ
Non-Clip Maximum Input Level, TRS Connectors +21 dBu
Output Level, TRS (Nominal / Maximum) +4 dBu / +21 dBu
Output Impedance, TRS (Unbalanced / Balanced) 50 Ω / 50 Ω
Phones Output Impedance / Maximum output Level 40 Ω / +21 dBu (Stereo)
Residual Noise Level, Out 1-16 XLR Connectors, Unity Gain -85 dBu 22 Hz-22 kHz unweighted
Residual Noise Level, Out 1-16 XLR Connectors, Muted -88 dBu 22 Hz-22 kHz unweighted
Residual Noise Level, TRS and s Monitor out XLR Connector -83 dBu 22 Hz-22 kHz unweighted
Main Screen 7″ TFT LCD, 800 x 480 Resolution, 262k Colours
Channel LCD Screen 128 x 64 LCD with RGB Colour Backlight
Main Meter 24 Segment (-57 dB to Clip)
Switch-Mode Power Supply Auto-Ranging 100-240 VAC (50/60 Hz) ± 10%
Power Consumption 120 W
Standard Operating Temperature Range 5°C – 40°C
Dimensions 891 x 612 x 256 mm
Weight 25 kg

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